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Leben und Überleben mit Behinderung weltweit

Conflict and war cast long shadows. They leave behind them bodily and emotional damage. They steal lives, futures and hope. The exhibition Barrier:Zones follows the lives of people whose fortunes were shaped or determined by conflict. Some of the wars finished decades ago, others still claim new victims today. Those portrayed are people with disabilities, fighting to lead dignified lives, each and every day.

In the Gaza Strip, in refugee camps, in Congo, in the Ukraine, in the villages of Uganda, Vietnam and Laos. But also as refugees in Germany and as victims of war trauma in the U.S. Their lives are zones of barriers. Some they have been able to overcome. Others will still require a lot of effort to surpass. Some stories are encouraging, others are saddening.

But so says Till Mayer, journalist and photographer, they all have one thing in common: "They demand our respect." The author of the exhibition has, for many years, told the stories of people with disabilities in conflict and war zones. Many of the people portrayed in the exhibition were supported by Handicap International in their fight for a dignified life. Handicap International and Author Till Mayer would like to thank the portrayed for sharing their stories with him.

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