Till Mayer hält einen Vortrag.

Show the exhibition

The exhibition "Barrier:Zones - Living and Surviving with a Disability Worldwide" can be loaned from us and shown in schools, museums, churches/religious communities or municipal exhibition venues, for example.

For each exhibition, we also recommend a lecture by Till Mayer, who is happy to come to the respective exhibition venues for vernissages or lectures. Accompanying the exhibition, Till Mayer's lectures provide a deeper and moving insight into the harrowing fates of the people portrayed.

Till Mayer is also happy to give his talks digitally. As an introduction, a 20-minute video (in German) will be shown before Till Mayer addresses his personal experiences and questions from the audience.

The original exhibition is in German and is regularly updated with new portraits. The English exhibition brings together 15 impressive and timeless portraits from the years 2009 to 2014.


Thanks to the support of the BMZ, a large part of the costs incurred can be covered. Only a small contribution by the borrower is required.

  • Loaning just the exhibition: 200 euros, thanks to our funding (see below)
  • With an accompanying lecture: 200 euros in total.
  • If an overnight stay is necessary: 450 euros in total.

For enquiries and further information on borrowing, please contact us.